About SD Campervans

 Lacey and Bre took their first road trip in their campervan, Flipper, in 2017. They fell in love with the van life community at their first gathering in Neah Bay, Washington and committed to hosting van life gatherings in San Diego upon their return. They have since then hosted a gathering at Fiesta Island, San Diego bimonthly, attracting 600+ people at a time to celebrate life and inspire people to live their dreams! They started SDCV by purchasing a van and converting it in Alan’s, their father-in-law’s, garage, and then discovered more people wanted their own vans converted and their market shifted. They rented a San Diego warehouse to start building a couple more vans. They grew out of that small one car garage in less than 6 months and then moved their production to Los Angeles. They now have a full team working with them to help build dream homes on wheels and build about 40 per year! The research and design work they’ve done is extensive, making sure to choose the best and most popular designs that customers will love for a lifetime. Their market is shifting again to help serve the growing DIY market; stay tuned for more wonderful business ideas from this family team!

SD Campervans