Check out the laTESt build by SD campervans!

This is Lady, Bre and Lacey’s personal van they now travel, hold and attend vanlife gatherings, and live part-time in!
It shows the beautiful and multi-functional interior that SDCV is proud to call their latest design work.

Lady the Van with Bre and Lacey
-Video by Jarrod Tocci (@ghostvan)

Check out our rental fleet!

In the beginning, it will show our first van, Flipper, which is now added to our fleet.
Then it’ll explain our current vans.
The orange ones are currently for sale!

SD Campervans with Bre and Lacey
-Video by Dylan Magaster

Bre and Lacey are two former teachers who converted a van to get away on the weekends, and now build out and rent vans to help people desiring to join the vanlife movement!