Handle Options 

Nob 1.PNG
nob 2.PNG
nob 3

Option Three:  Allison Mushroom Knob Amerock Finish: Satin Nickel

Option Four: No handles and instead receive a push-to-open                      mechanism. 

     Option Five: Send us your own handles for a $30 fee added to your                invoice. We'll let you know how many to send.


     Option One:   Brick Metal Grey


Option One: Brick Metal Grey

          Option Two:   Como Bay

        Option Two: Como Bay

  Option Three:   Como Pebble

Option Three: Como Pebble

Option Four: We throw a backsplash in for you to add more of a homey feel, but if you decide a backsplash isn't for you, no problem. 

Option Five: Send us your own backsplash for a $30 fee added to your invoice. 


Option One: Grey
Option Two: Tan
Option Three: Blue
Option Four: Send us your own fabric and we'll build cushions with it for a $100 fee added to your invoice. We'll let you know how much to send.
Option Five: BYO Cushions for a discount of $200 on your final invoice.

Wall and Cabinetry Formica Laminate

Option One A: Brite White Gloss
Option One B: Brite White Matte

Option Two A: Citadel (Grey) Gloss
Option Two B: Citadel (Grey) Matte

Option Three A: Desert Beige Matte
Option Three B: Desert Beige Gloss

Option Four: Choose 2 colors, one for the walls and one for the cabinetry for a $100 fee added to your invoice. 

Option Five: We'll order the laminate of your choice for a $100 fee added to your invoice. Please visit Formica.com to view additional options

Lonseal Flooring

Option #1: Toasted Almond



Option #2: Warm Tea



Option # 3: Pumpkin Pie




Option Four: We'll order you the Lonseal Flooring of your choice for a $100 fee added to your invoice. Check out these colors by clicking the link: Lonseal website