Meet Our Van Conversion Dream Team

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Introducing SD Campervans: The home you want for the adventure you need

Lacey (CEO) and Breanne - Van Life Community Member Enthusiasts


Lacey and Bre bought their first cargo van and built it out in 2016. They fell in love with the vanlife community and started businesses to help make vanlife more accessible to people by allowing customers to live their own dreams and follow their hearts. They strive to redefine freedom and the American Dream to mean what people really want it to mean for them personally, instead of falling prey to the overwhelming responsibility to do what media tells us all to. Their passion fuels SDCV to run at it’s fullest potential. (Fun fact: Lacey and Bre’s first business together was in 2009 building hula hoops (or Freedom Hoops). They sold them in Venice Beach, California as well as other festivals.)

Alan (Van Conversion Shop Lead)


Alan (Bre’s stepdad) helped Lacey and Bre build out their first Ford Transit campervan in 2017! It turned out so well and was so much fun that, from there, they joined forces to build SD Campervans into a small family-run business in the beginning of 2018. Alan has been a licensed Mercedes technician, ASE certified auto electrician, computer systems engineer, Cisco certified technician, and project manager since 1997. His knowledge runs deep on all things electric and is always excited to meet someone that wants to hit the road and live in their van as comfortably as possible. This, of course, means helping our customers put the right amount of electrical capacity into their build to bring everything they’ll need for their adventure on the road. He has so much love for people that he always strives to do his absolute best and never lets you down.

Marianne (Designer)


Marianne joined our SDCV family in 2018 bringing with them the admirable traits of dedication, teamwork, and hard work and an invaluable skill set. They graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park with a B.S. in Fine Art: drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpting, and working in construction. They then went back to school to learn construction management, architectural design, and sustainable building - receiving a certificate in CAD for Building Professional. They has also managed their own team of subcontractors and laborers before moving to California. They began as a technician, familiarizing themself with the shop, apprenticing to become a metal fabricator, and getting their hands on any other task that needed to be completed. With their tenacity and vigor, they climbed her way up to the position of Designer and now helps with the designs of the conversions that get built in our warehouse in Los Angeles, as well as with our future kit models.

Tyler (Electrician and Plumber)


Tyler joined our SDCV family in 2018 bringing with him qualities we admire extremely: teamwork, dedication to the evolution of the craft, attention to precision, and background knowledge of electrical systems. We very much appreciate the positive energy he brings with him each day. Since joining our team, he has surpassed expectations, becoming a crucial part of our build team. He continues to grow as a journeyman electrician and impressing us and our customers each day.

Desiré (Customer Service)

Desiré SDCV Photo.jpg

Desiré’s genuine soul brings a golden light of positivity to our team and customers each and every day. Her communication skills are invaluable to helping our SDCV processes run smoothly from customer service to production and she’s one of the most helpful, honest, and caring people you’ll meet. From the moment our customers give us a call, she immediately brings them aboard as family and does what she can to make the journey seamless and fun. Her energy keeps our customers excited from the time they first reach out to the time we hand them their keys to their new home.

Laurie (Executive Assistant)


Laurie (Bre’s mom) is sometimes called Mrs. Pickles, but is always called out on her amazing heart. She has a sense of fun, lightness, and delight that she brings with her into every room she walks in. She works with the customer service team and CEO to help make our business thrive efficiently and effectively. Laurie will be there when you drop off you van and when you pick up your beautiful new dream home on wheels. She thrives on hearing all about people’s future travel plans, life desires, and reasons why they want to hit the road and bring their home with them. Laurie keeps the enthusiasm going throughout the SDCV experience. Stay stoked, friends; your home on wheels will be ready soon!

Mark (Designer)


Jisel (Carpenter)