SDCV Services

*All installation services dependent upon your current build. We do not install around partially built-out portions of your van.

SDCV Services:

  • just the Shell (Lizard Skin insulation, pre-electrical setup [run wires for ceiling lighting, fridge hookup behind drivers seat, water pump hookup under bed], recessed lighting, shiplap roof, wall framing/install (does not include Formica laminate), and subfloor (does not include Lonseal Marine Grade Flooring) Starting at $11,000


  • We sell “Lizard Skin” Sound Control (currently we don’t offer installation service)

  • we sell “Lizard skin” Insulation (currently we don’t offer installation service)
    (Click here for a preview:

We currently do not do pop-tops or heaters, but we are working up to being able to offer those services in the future. We are also working to be able to provide more services such as installation of fans, vents, and windows in the future.