Answering SD Campervans Frequently Asked Questions

Our van life conversion company, originally from San Diego, California, has expanded to Los Angeles, California, but if you’re in San Diego, we can still meet to discuss your van life dreams. We’re passionately & skillfully empowering more and more people to explore the open road.

I have questions. Can I have a consultation before making a deposit on my own conversion camper van?
Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. The SDCV team would be pleased to speak to you about your vanlife goals and give you the clarity needed to know you’re getting the best campervan conversion experience and product. Visit us in sunny California or set up a phone call. Contact Us

Do you have a showroom or vans I can see?
@theladiesvan is a SDCV conversion van and it is often in San Diego. Contact us to schedule a time to tour the van.

I want SDCV to build me a custom California conversion van, not one of the standard layouts offered. Is this possible?
To ensure quality, safety and build time SD camper vans does not offer custom services. We have a menu of offered customizations for our standard layouts. Trust us – our layouts are the two best conversion camper van layouts that have been fine tuned for road life. Book a tour of @theladiesvan in San Diego to see for yourself. Contact SDCV

What rigs do you upfit? Will San Diego Campervans upfit my Ford Ecoline? How about an ambulance conversion? Other specialty rig?
SDCV provides timelines and build quality based on our depth of experience. We currently only offer camper van conversion services for Ford Transits, Dodge Promasters, Mercedes Benz Sprinters and Nissan NVs. Custom and unique rigs interrupt the flow of our shop and impact delivery dates for others.

What exactly is included in the “standard package” campervan conversion upfit that San Diego Campervans offers?
The SDCV camper conversion package includes everything you need to hit the road in comfort and style: electrical, water, cabinets, fridge, sink, etc. See here for the details list of inclusions.

What if I just need help finishing my DIY camper van build? Lots is already finished. Can the San Diego Camper Van team finish off my DIY Campervan?

To ensure quality, maintain timelines and delivery dates and maintain safety standards, SDCV can only remove upfits and start fresh on a SDCV standardize conversion package.

Will SD Camper vans install fans, windows, vents, skylights, etc?
The SDCV team works exclusively on full campervan conversions in California. We do not offer assistance on DIY campervans, but we are dealers of both Lizard Skin and Battle Born products. Contact us to place an order.

I’m looking for lizard skin and/or battle born batteries for my DIY campervan. Do you sell them?
Yes! SDCV is a dealer for both Lizard Skin and BattleBorn products. Contact us to place an order.

What if I just want a partial conversion? What if I want to build my own cabinets?
SDCV offers a starter package (The SDCV Starter Package), where we offer full electrical battery setup with prewiring, flooring, walls, ceiling, and recessed lighting. Contact us for more details.

Will SD Campervans repair my current conversion van build?
For safety and quality assurance we do not work on other’s conversions. We can remove the upfit and start fresh on a SDCV standard conversion kit.


Can you do some of my DIY campervan work? Can you finish the conversion I’ve started? Can I hire SDCV to just do my electrical?
Quality is our focus. San Diego Camper Vans is a full service, campervan conversion company. We offer two layouts with a menu of upgrades and customizations – SDCV does not offer small services/piece work or work on conversions that have been partially completed. We can remove partial conversions and start fresh on a SDCV layout conversion – ensuring quality and safety. We are currently working on being able to offer DIY van build kits! Stay tuned!

How is your delivery date determined? Why can’t it be sooner?
Quality is more important than speed. Our California campervan company is focused on ensuring you’ll be enjoying your conversion camper van for years to come. It’s well worth the wait – trust us. As the conversion and RV boom continue, conversion company waitlists are extending to 18+ months out. Our two layouts with menu of camper customizations keep us ahead of the competition and provide consistent quality to our clients.

I have electrical questions. I don’t know what my off grid needs are. Can SDCV help me understand solar, batteries and conversion van electrical systems?
Once you have decided to proceed with a SDCV conversion package and you have paid the initial deposit to hold your spot, electrical consultations are provided to customize your camper van conversion electrical system to your needs.

Does San Diego Camper Vans offer financing?
SDCV doesn’t offer financing, however we have worked with some California auto dealerships who have included the upfit costs in the auto loan. There are different approaches to financing and it’s important to find the best fit for your van life goals.

What dealers does SD Campervans work with?
In and around San Diego, California we can recommend the best dealership for you. Call us for details.

Can you install second row seating? Do you install seats? Seatbelts?
SDCV does not install seats but we will work around seats that are already installed. FamVans in Fountain Valley, California specialize in seat installations.

Does SDCV still rent out campervans?
SD Campervans is focused exclusively on building camper vans in California. We not longer provide rental vans.

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